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The World Dog Surfing Championship!

The Norcal Dog Surfing event & World Championships for Dog Surfing take place on the Northern California coast -- where the concept for the sport originated -- bringing together dog surfing talent.

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Half Moon Bay Dream Machines

Get ready for a world of wonder at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, a uniquely spectacular showcase of motorized mechanical marvels from throughout the 20th and 21st centuries at Half Moon Bay Airport.…


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Half Moon Bay Library Grand Opening!

Construction is complete, the shelves are filled with a brand new collection of books and a ribbon is waiting to be cut for the grand opening of Half Moon Bay’s new, high-tech library.  As it finally opens, a host of festivities await the new building: Rep Jackie Spier was in attendance, celebrating alongside the excited Half Moon Bay…


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19th Annual Kahuna Kupuna Benefit Surf Contest

The main purpose of the surf contest is to raise much needed operating funds for Pacifica’s Environmental Family, a 501 c 3 Non-Profit organization that supports community groups that strive to enhance or preserve Pacifica’s…

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You're Invited to PCT Honors!

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PCT Wins at 2018 WAVES

Pct was a big winner at the 2018 WAVE awards.

Actually, to be more specific, Brianna Yee-Sandoval was the big winner. Truth is, the station has accumulated many WAVES over the years and really did not submit for many this year. Two we did submit for were for work done by Brianna on our COAST-LIFE show.

And guess what? Yes, she won…


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Big Time Talent on PCT Auction This Weekend!!


Commonly described as clever, absurd, awkward but in a funny…


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Get Tremendous TV Visibility

Our 40th Anniversary

Support a community treasure!

Get tremendous TV visibility



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Coastside art expressed in different shapes and forms

Shout out to all artists out there! This episode of Coast Life features different art expressed in various shapes and forms.
Gaby and Nicole cover…

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Get Inspired with Two Dazzling Singer-Actresses on Kathy Holly's Latest Episode

The shining spotlight of Kathy Holly's new episode is directed at two unbelievably talented singer-actresses from San Francisco, Carolyn Power and Linda Kosut.

Kathy Holly takes you on a tour through the fascinating journeys of both of these talented women. They talk about how they got started in the business, their life lessons along the way, and where they are now.

This episode contains exclusive videos of their incredible performances which are full of life and emotion.…


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WAVE Awards Now Accepting Submissions

Calling all film, show, and short video form producers!

Increase your visibility by joining the WAVE Awards.

The deadline of submission is on November 15.

Every year, producers from Pacific Coast Television are recognized for their talent and work of art through WAVE Awards.

The WAVE Awards, stands for Western Access Video Excellence…


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Pacifica Fog Fest Parade

Did you miss the re-run of Pacifica Fog Fest Parade? Don't worry!

Catch it on Channel 26/27 or at on Friday, October 6 at 9p.m.

Every year, Fog Fest starts off with the Saturday morning parade, demonstrating colorful and creative floats of different businesses, individuals, marching bands, dance groups, and also some classic and vintage cars.…


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Rap is Fun! Rap is Tight! We're from the Coastside... Drop the Mic!

We've got a REMIX!

This episode we've got some fly lyrics and dope beats being thrown your way!

These guys at Mutiny Radio's annual rap battle are killing it in the rap scene. They've got some ridiculous talent that you just can't miss out on. PCT's executive director Martin Anaya, heads down to the Mission district of San Francisco and talks to Amanda Rocks, co-host of Mutiny Radio's Afternoon delight show, to get the scoop on what's going down.…

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Got Fog?

With Fog Fest being right around the corner, we thought it might be fun reminiscing the previous Fog Fest Parade.

Check out our coverage from last year …


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Are you ready for Fog fest?

It's about that time!

I can already taste that heavenly key lime calamari and those divine funnel cakes fresh off the press!

Are you ready for Fog fest?


Come one down to one of the most lively festivals of the year.


Shop till' you drop! There will be over 200 vendors selling a wide variety of custom…


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Local Culture Sizzles on Coast Life!

This week's newest episode features Half Moon Bay Dream Machines, Pacifica Earth Day and San Francisco Pride Parade. Join hosts, Gaby Cordova and Nicole Segura, as they guide you to all things Coast Side.

San Francisco Pride Parade 2017



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PCT Closed Labor Day But Check THIS OUT

Hello all,

Martin Anaya with PCT here. Wishing you a GLORIOUS Labor Day weekend upcoming. Just a reminder that PCT will be closed Labor Day weekend and on Monday the 4th!


That said there are some AMAZING events going on in and around our community. PCT is a resource for community members to both learn about AND post their OWN community events! That's right! You can join us and post an event too!



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Know more about the accomplishments of John Muller, Richard Bauden, and other amazing individuals

Learn about the amazing individuals that were honored on PCT Honors Night! 


Ann Bauden tells about the accomplishments of her late husband Rich Bauden.…


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Newest Episode of Coast Life!

Tune into Coast Life for an engaging talk show with two vibrant host that guide you through all things on the Coast side!

We introduce you to what is happening around the coastal cities of  Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Pacifica, Pescadero, Montara, San Mateo and many more communities around the…


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Conscious Living

Conscious Living is coming to PCT!

Conscious living is hosted by Michael and Bianca Alexander.…


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