PCT at Ted Adcock Center

Did you know Pacific Coast TV has a satellite studio in Half Moon Bay?  

Pacific Coast TV teaches workshops at the Boys and Girls Club in the Ted Adcock Center. Our workshops include camera operation and soon we will be teaching editing, and studio production workshops.


Call 650-355-8001 to schedule a workshop

Camera Operation: workshop covers the essentials of powering up and preparing our studio cameras for operation, and provides volunteers with basic skills of camera work, including shot structure, composition and movement, terminology, and working with the director. Floor Manager is the essential link between studio talent and the Director. Workshop will cover instruction on communicating with talent using hand and arm signals to provide time and camera cues, and give other needed info to the Director. Cost: $20

Wednesdays- Youth: 3-5 PM, All Ages: 6-8 PM

Remote Video Productions: Many productions, or portions of them, are taped on location. The Remote Workshop trains volunteers to operate PCT's camcorder equipment to record events, interviews, or other material for a show so that it can be edited together into a "package". The remote workshop covers camcorder use, remote lighting and audio considerations in a remote setting. It is very useful to understand the basics of audio, camera work, lighting and videotape operation. Cost: $20

Thursdays- Youth: 3-5 PM, All Ages: 6-8 PM

Video Editing **: This workshop is offered to each volunteer to edit footage, either from the studio or recorded in the field. This workshop covers the use of non-linear editing software and the concepts of editing. Volunteers learn how to create clips and edit them on a timeline displayed on the graphic interface of the computer that is the heart of the system. Cost: $20

PRE REQUISITES: Remote Video Productions or Camera Operations

Sundays- All Ages: 11-2 PM

You can visit us in Half Moon Bay at the Ted Adcock center on Kelly Ave. Our hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 2-8 PM and Saturday from 10AM-2PM.



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