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Job Description and General Information 

Pacifica Community Television offers internships to those who are interested in an intensive, hands-on training program in television and video production. Prior experience is not required. The internship is unpaid, and there are no fees.

An internship differs from just volunteering at PCT because of the following:

Interns are expected to work a minimum of 16 hours a week at the station. Interns are scheduled for a minimum of three regular day or evening shifts a week. These shifts are from 2-6 PM or 6-closing time (usually around 10pm), and may consist of a workshop, a production, or both.

Interns are exempt from membership and workshop fees.

Interns are welcomed and strongly encouraged to take any workshops the station offers:


Audio – Camera – Graphics – Directing – Floor Managing – Lighting –

Remote Location – Technical Directing – Video Roll Operation


Interns are automatically assigned to crews by the production supervisor for the shifts they are scheduled. If interns have preference as to which crew position they would like to fill, they must sign up in advance.

Interns may occasionally be asked to help with non-production work at PCT, although their primary duties will be production related.

As with our volunteers, interns are expected to be prompt and work well with their team of production volunteers, staff, and interns. “No shows” and tardies are not acceptable. If an emergency should arise, we expect the intern to contact the station immediately so that their crew position can be filled.

If your internship is through school, PCT is always willing to assist in the necessary paperwork and/or evaluation reports in order for interns to receive credit. PCT’s staff is always willing to answer your questions and concerns; please don’t hesitate to ask!


If you're interested in applying, we accept applications the beginning of every semester, around January/February(Spring), May/June(Summer), and August/September(Fall). 

Please call Martin Anaya at 650-355-8001 and let him know you're interested. 




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