Downtown Half Moon Bay comes to life on the first Thursday of every month!

Make It Main Street is a new collaborative community event taking place in Downtown Half Moon Bay on the first Thursday of each month. The event will bring together artists, musicians, and other performers to celebrate local arts and culture and to support the businesses in downtown Half Moon Bay.

When: Feb 22 to April 27th
Where: Main Street in Half Moon Bay

The event is designed to bring locals and visitors alike to Downtown Half Moon Bay for a chance to experience the best of our Coastside community.

Musicians will be performing along the 300-600 blocks (between Mill Street and Correas Street). A Speaker's Space will be set up in Mac Dutra Park with poetry, Oddfellows Hall will host a local short film, and a Coastside Makers' Marketplace will be set up at Kelly Ave and Main Street. In addition, local artisans will demonstrate skills such as glass blowing, pottery, and guitar making on the 600 block.


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