Rap is Fun! Rap is Tight! We're from the Coastside... Drop the Mic!

We've got a REMIX!
This episode we've got some fly lyrics and dope beats being thrown your way!

These guys at Mutiny Radio's annual rap battle are killing it in the rap scene. They've got some ridiculous talent that you just can't miss out on. PCT's executive director Martin Anaya, heads down to the Mission district of San Francisco and talks to Amanda Rocks, co-host of Mutiny Radio's Afternoon delight show, to get the scoop on what's going down. You'll get a fascinating perspective on some of the most talented local rappers in the area and get to watch them spit some crazy fire! The contestants are challenged through bonus points they can earn by mentioning different words during their freestyle. 
"Sam the Man"-- the winner of this year's rap battle is fearless when it comes to his craft, and never backs down from a challenge.
I think we have to give a shout out to all the artist's out there, because this episode also covers other inspiring artistic events happening around the bay!
Our host's Nicole and Gaby cover what's going on at Pescadero Arts and Fun Fest, Jade Week fashion show, and the San Francisco's Stern Grove festival.
Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival (or PAFF) is a fundraising event for the community that happens every year around August, and showcases the work of local artists. They have live music and food your mouth will water for! We can't forget about this Fashion Show called Jade Week. This fashion show happens in San Francisco sometime in early August, and is inspired by traditional Asian clothing. Last but not least, our friends at Pan Handle Productions, share a stunning clip of the 80 year festival celebrating performing arts at the Stern Grove festival.
This festival takes place every Sunday all summer long, so make sure mark your calendars June 18th through August 19th for the 2018 season!

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