Get Inspired with Two Dazzling Singer-Actresses on Kathy Holly's Latest Episode

The shining spotlight of Kathy Holly's new episode is directed at two unbelievably talented singer-actresses from San Francisco, Carolyn Power and Linda Kosut.
Kathy Holly takes you on a tour through the fascinating journeys of both of these talented women. They talk about how they got started in the business, their life lessons along the way, and where they are now.
This episode contains exclusive videos of their incredible performances which are full of life and emotion.
Kathy Holly dives right into Carolyn's career , starting with how started acting, and how she has developed into the successful performer she is today.

                           Photo: Carolyn Power

Through Carolyn Power's hard work, dedication, and passion for singing and acting, she founded her own theater company, and has produced a couple of her own plays of collected stories.
Carolyn Power has a brand new show coming out November 4th, called "Seeing Thunder, Hearing Light" at the Society Cabaret in San Francisco. Her show will highlight the experiences during her childhood that have shaped her into who she is today.  

Linda Kosut, a jazz cabaret singer considers herself a "storyteller with music."
                                                   Photo: Linda Kosut

She tells Kathy about how she did not get started with her  singing and acting career officially until adulthood. Surprisingly, Linda originally got her BA in Science and Mathematics. She continues by giving a fascinating explanation about how she found her way by getting started with cabaret in New York City.

Linda is also doing a show soon in November at Society Cabaret, which is called "Together." She goes in depth about why she called it that and what it really means to her.
These two ladies were totally enchanting with their captivating stories and performances!

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