Prohibition on the San Mateo County Coast

Every iconic part of the prohibition era has hit the Coast side. From bootlegging and rum-running to moon shining and Speakeasies, the Coast side experienced it all. Carmen Blair is the Deputy Director of the San Mateo County Historical Association will be talking about the prohibition era in the Coast side in a special Half Moon Bay History Association presentation.

With rumrunners landing Canadian whiskey on isolated beaches, moonshiners operating in homes and a multitude of speakeasies, the county earned a reputation as one of the “wettest” in the state during Prohibition.  Blair will share Prohibition stories during an illustrated presentation.

The big premiere is Saturday May 14 at 7:30 PM

 only on Pacific Coast TV Comcast Channel 26/27

Half Moon Bay and Coastside.

You can also check it out on our YouTube Page and our Video On Demand Server to watch now! 

The goals of the Half Moon Bay History Association are to preserve, educate, and celebrate the Coastside Community’s past.

You can visit them online:

Or in person at the historic Zaballa House on 326 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA

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