Ian Butler Celebrates His 100th Episode!

PCT gives a big congratulations to Ian Butler for producing his 100th show! This special episode of Laugh Locally will be a big reunion party full of laughter and fun as they flash back to all the great memories they've had.

Some of the special guest include Chrissie Collins, who is now a cartoonist, Danny Decchi, a stand up comedian with his own special performance style, and Gomer Hendrix, a comedic guitarist. Even more so, there will been guest appearances and interviews of the original Laugh Locally crew members.

The original Laugh Locally began over 10 years ago but as Ian matured so did his content. He then created a show called Wavelength years later, a topical show, with more serious and mature topics. However, Ian decided to have fun and celebrate his 100th episode with Pacific Coast Television. He will have refreshments for his live studio audience to add along to the excitement. 

If you're interested in being a member of the live studio audience, please call PCT at (650) 355-8000 to RSVP. The show will be taped LIVE at Pacific Coast TV on 540 Crespi Drive, Unit E at 8 PM on August 27.

You can also check out the television premiere of the episode on September 4 at 7:30 PM and September 5 at 10:30 PM on Pacific Coast Tv on Comcast Channel 26 & 27 Coastside.

Again, Pacific Coast TV thanks Ian Butler for all of his years of hard work here at the station and wish him many more episodes to come. 

Want to see some clips of Laugh Locally before the big premiere? Check out the clip above and check out Ian's YouTube page at HERE and tune in weekly to Wavelength on Friday's at 7:30 PM and Laugh Locally Saturday's at 10:30 PM.

Don't have PCT on your TV? No worries! Check us out 

via online streaming at http://pacificcoast.tv/page/watch-live

via Video On-Demand at http://pacificcoast.tv/page/on-demand

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