Find a Single Leaf and Fit it on the Tree of History

Bob Chandler is a rare personality. He is a professional historian. For over three decades he lead Wells Fargo in the discovery and preservation of the company’s rich history. In the process, he has uncovered much of the fabric of the Old West. He will share some of the chapters of history within Wells Fargo – their famous stagecoach service, their place in California’s gold rush, and development of its banking business. Dr. Chandler writes and speaks with authority on such diverse historical subjects as early express transport, banking, politics, civil rights, stamp collecting, and more.                           

Chandler, Wells Fargo Bank’s senior research historian for 32 years, will elucidate why and how Wells Fargo did business.  Using displayed historical documents, the speaker will illustrate the ways Wells Fargo performed its Banking, Express, Letter Express, and Stagecoaching activities. He reports that he will be bringing a mini-museum along for the meeting.

As wife Susan says, “He finds a ‘leaf’ and then must determine where it fits on the tree of history.”  His San Francisco Lithographer: African American Artist Grafton Tyler Brown (2014) illustrates his deductive method. He has also written a short history of California, the Arcadia series volume on Wells Fargo, and more than 60 articles on Gold Rush, Civil War California, and early western transportation.  Exceedingly serious, Bob is an X-Noble Grand Humbug of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus. His Mother's family is from the Madeira Islands (by way of Hawaii) making Bob half-Portuguese – sharing some of the roots of our Coastside community.

Want to know more? Watch Bob Chandler as he leads discussion all about the history of Wells Fargo.

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