Upcoming April Workshops!

PCT offers a variety of workshops each month to get your studio skills up to par!  Each course is priced at $20, a small price for the skills you'll gain.  Training in community media is our forte, and we hope you'll join us for one of this month's classes.  

April 3, 6-9pm - Camera and Floor Manager Workshop

This workshop covers the essentials of powering up and preparing our studio cameras for operation, and provides volunteers with basic skills of camera work, including shot structure, composition and movement, terminology, and working with the director. Floor Manager is the essential link between studio talent and the Director. Workshop will cover instruction on communicating with talent using hand and arm signals to provide time and camera cues, and give other needed info to the Director.

April 4, 6-9pm - Character Generator Workshop

The CG Operator is taught how to enter the information, operate the video interface, and make changes in the presentation of the material, such as scrolling or crawls. While typing is a beneficial skill, it is not a prerequisite.

April 10, 3:30-5pm - HMB Workshop 1

Learn generalist skills including editing, camera operation, and other basic production techniques.

April 11, 6-9pm - Lighting Workshop

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of three-point lighting and how to safely and correctly move and adjust lighting instruments, and the operation of the lighting dimmer system.

April 17, 3:30-5pm - HMB Workshop 2

Learn generalist skills including editing, camera operation, and other basic production techniques.

April 17, 6-9pm - Audio Workshop

The Audio Technician is first taught the fundamentals of capturing sounds using microphones, and operating the audio mixer. Use of line audio sources such as cassette tapes and CDs is also covered. Students are introduced to the use of the equalizer. Proper care of audio equipment and cables is emphasized.

April 30, 6-9pm - Technical Director Workshop

The TD is taught how to turn on and prepare all the control room equipment and to oversee the work of all other members of the production crew. During the production, the TD operates the studio switcher to create transitions between cameras; such as cuts, wipes, and dissolves. The TD also assists the Director in keeping track of what other crew members are doing. After the production, the TD again supervises the crew as they turn off the equipment and break down the set.

** Pre-requisites:  Video Tape Operator, Character Generator, Camera, Floor, Lighting, Audio workshops

Call us at 650-355-8000 between 1-9pm to sign up now!

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