The New Year is an excellent time to be grateful. One of the best reasons we have to be grateful at PCT is our friends! Over the past year we've cultivated many relationships both new and old!

We wish to say a sincere thanks to all of these friends. This year several friends stepped up and really came through in a big way. Whether it was business sponsors like Terry's Hair Factory, board members like Jo-Lynn Ruedas or political friends like Mike O'Neill, our friends really came through. We also wish to acknowledge Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Senator Jerry Hill and Assembleyman Kevin Mullin, all of whom came through for us as well. 

Many partners, sponsors and community members joined in including the city of Half Moon Bay and other friends. It truly takes a village to make a community TV station. We are very grateful for the contributions of so many. If I failed to mention you by name please be aware that there are so many who I did not mention that also deserve our thanks. All we can say is thank you to everyone for making 2014 a banner year. We look forward to seeing you in 2015. Together, we will accomplish incredible things!

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