Pacifica is best known for its weather, surfing and scenery. But what about its local farmers market? Alemany,Lake Merriet and the sunset district all come to mind when I think of  good farmers markets.So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this tiny, but awesome farmers market ( less than 4 miles away from my house) nestled in Pacifica's Rockaway Beach shopping center.


 Walking up to the entrance you are engulfed with the smells of fresh produce, roistering meats, and the sweet smell of baked goods. All the vendors greet you with a big smile and a story to tell about each and everyone of their organic locally traded and made foods. Within 10 minutes of being there, I knew where my strawberries I just bought were grown, who grew them, and what process they used to get them to be so delicious. The farmers market also included a live band, fresh fish, organic vegan sweets and TAMALES!. One more time in case you missed it TAMALES; Freshly made TAMALES!


Pacifica's farmers market is not  as big and well known as other farmers market around the bay and peninsula, however that just adds to its charm of being truly local made and supported. So the next time your passing Rockaway beach off of Highway one on a Wednesday afternoon, be sure to stop by Pacifica's farmers market for a little taste of organic locally made food.


Want to know more about whats going on in Pacifica and the peninsula like the local farmers market? Then tune into PCT for an inside look at some of the areas  local businesses, community activities and other fun things to do while in the area. 

Also a special thanks to la Milpa organic farm ,Roli Roti, Fritter factory and for participating.

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