Blanca Gutierrez participates as head coach of Babyface Boxing, and encourages people of all ages to join. She currently has classes for both children and adults. However, her gym is known as a place for kids in the community to learn and grow as athletes and family. They joke around, do homework, and then get in the ring to throw down! You can feel their connection to each other in minutes. If you're looking for a place where you or your child can exercise and build relationships with the people around them, then Babyface is your best bet. 

     Blanca Gutierrez's love of the game has no doubt been passed down to her by her father, the late Babyface Gutierrez, whom made his way to the United States by boxing. Her strong family ties seem to have shaped the atmosphere of her gym. She has also established herself in the boxing world by creating the first all female boxing event in California.  

     Babyface is a great place for anyone who wants to feel the burn. Boxing is a great supplement to your average workout. Let's be honest, doing the same old workout can get really boring after a while. Why not mix it up and start hitting the bag? Plus boxing is a great way to learn self defense techniques. This is the chance to gain the mental and physical strength you've always dreamed of. Not to mention the confidence you'll take away from it. And hey, you never know what the future holds, but maybe...just maybe, with a little hard work, its a championship belt.    

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