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Please Excuse Our Mess!

(Work Begins in Earnest)


By Martin Anaya


By now we're sure you are aware that the PCT Studio is getting a major overhaul. For two weeks we've been moving things, tearing things out and getting ready for what will be a new HD studio.


Last week, with the help of PCT volunteers Ed Barber and Richard Quartermaine we gutted the control room (as seen above). This week we'll be painting the control room, installing carpet and preparing for the installation of new HD gear. This is a huge job and we are grateful for the support of our staff, volunteers and vendors to make it happen.


Again, we are closing the studio for a month to complete a major renovation. We don't have a firm re-start date as many tweaks and training will have to take place before we can open. Suffice it to say we should be open for business sometime in August. Meanwhile, we will be open from 1-6pm daily for all other regular business and do invite folks who are curious to drop in. For several years PCT has been raising funds at the Telethon and telling our viewers its so we can get some much needed studio upgrades. Well, that day is here! Studio upgrades, here we come!



RECAP: For those who missed my previous explanation for the upgrade: HDTV is quickly becoming the standard in home entertainment. It refers to the number of lines of resolution in a picture. While standard definition has fewer than 600 lines of resolution, High Definition (HD) has 1080 lines.This means a clearer, better image. PCT is upgrading our studio, and all its equipment to the HD standard. While Comcast will still broadcast PCT in standard definition for the near future, having an HD source will dramatically improve our internal signal and make for crystal clean copies and other digital transmissions.







Wanna See Video??


To see the latest video of the Studio Clean Up, go to:















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