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By Martin Anaya


Yes friends, the PCT studio is IN ACTION...THE GRAND OPENING is GRAND INDEED! Why?




Day one is already in the books but there is STILL TIME for YOU to check out tonight's action starting with a visit from none other than Santa himself!


Get the kids around the set at 6pm and see SANTA!!


Yes, it seems we have been nice (not naughty) around PCT because not only has Santa blessed our community with a new HD station, BUT, he will actually be here to help us christen the place!



This item up for bid tonight:


UPDATE: Next it is YOUR TURN to come in and do a show. But 1st, PLEASE TUNE IN! We need all the support we can get. But if you did not already have reason enough, we got some AWESOME AUCTION ITEMS! That is right HOLIDAY SHOPPING happens RIGHT HERE at PCT!!



Bid on this and other AWESOME prizes! HERE


 The studio is ready for "prime time". Help us give it its MAJOR 1ST TEST TONIGHT!!


 This is the first time in over 20 years that the studio has had a major overhaul. Your patience and your enthusiasm for PCT is what fuels us. In the end we now have a facility this entire coast-side can be proud of! TUNE IN TONIGHT and CHECK IT OUT!





(2 VIP tix to Catalina Film Fest 2015  up for bid TONIGHT!)


RECAP: For those who missed it: PCT has upgraded our studio, and all its equipment to the HD standard (1080 lines of resolution). While Comcast will still broadcast PCT in standard definition for the near future, having an HD source will dramatically improve our internal signal and make for crystal clean copies and other digital transmissions.




Wanna See LIVE Video??


To see the Telethon and the HD Studio, go to:



BID on this TONIGHT!












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