New Media 101 will be held Saturday, September 14th at 10:30am

We are very excited to bring back our New Media 101 workshop again this month. Highly successful and in such a big demand from our community, we have decided to hold this workshop again. In this workshop, students will learn how to navigate through our website and learn the ins and outs of utilizing our site to their advantage. 

The first part of our workshop will focus on becoming more comfortable within PCT's website. Students will get a tour of the new features that we have available on our new site. This includes finding our Production Calendar, Events Page, Blog Page, Video On Demand, Live Online Streaming via Justin.TV, Program Guide, and personalizing their own pages.

We also will be learning how to effectively use our blogs to reach out to your target audience. Students will learn how to upload pictures and video clips to our site to enhance and make their blogs more enticing. Also, we will learn meta-tagging and how to optimize search engine techniques. 

One of my main goals for my students would be that they learn how to effectively get their message across to the community. A big part of what we would like to accomplish here at Pacific Coast TV is creating stronger ties within our ever expanding community. We would like to bring Pacifica and Pescadero closer together by supporting community events - this is where our website comes in. was created so that people of our communities can connect with each other in one central place; we will be able to see events and other happenings within our community as well as our neighbors'. 

I hope to see even more eager faces at my next workshop. =) 

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