Ever been to Gherkins Sandwhich Shop? Can you Say Yummy??

Watch as Monika Chan And Ani Kalafian eat their way through hwy 1 on the Pacific Coast, in this case Montara, CA. Known for its beachy surf-town feel, Gherkins sandwiches offers giant portions of their unique, delicious and fresh food to the community. Its also a great hang out spot, where art adorns the walls, and the floor!!!! 


 These girls literally ate everything shown in this segment, in style. This segment is featured on their show at Pacific Coast Television, channel 26/27 on the pacific coast called "The Pac Coast Life'. Gherkins is a family run business, where they really treat everyone like family, and feed them big portions like family too. http://www.eatgherkins.com/

Shot, edited, hosted, and produced by Ani Kalafian and Monika Chan ... Enjoy!

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Comment by PCT on October 26, 2012 at 1:27pm

Well played ladies! Very proud of you. Your work is making us hungry!


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