As spring season approaches and temperatures start to rise, California's fire season is coming in hot.

Most fires happen from April to October but with our state's diverse landscape and weather changes, it has become almost year-round. In recent years, California has experienced some of its most devastating wildfires, which is why we want to increase awareness and preparedness efforts across the coastside community. 

For residents, this means taking proactive steps to protect our homes and families. This includes maintaining space around properties, creating evacuation plans, and staying informed about local fire conditions and orders.

Fire agencies and emergency responders are also ramping up their efforts, conducting training exercises, and implementing new technologies to better respond to wildfires. Additionally, community outreach programs and partnerships with organizations like the Pacific Resource Center aim to educate and support residents in fire-prone areas.

If you see a wildfire, immediately alert the local authorities and get to safer grounds. Let's stay vigilant and prepared to protect our homes, community, and landscape of the coastside community from the threat of wildfires. 

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