PCT producer Eric Mayrand has created a fabulous 3 part series on the history of Mori Point which you can view here.

If you are at all interested in the natural habitat of the coastline and in the recreational opportunities provided please check out this video. Not only will you learn some of the fantastic recreation opportunities and what's been created, you will also learn about all of the fabulous history of the place. For example, did you know that Mori Point was at one time the home of a rum running operation? Did you know that the place once housed a great roadhouse and that it was once home two two Indian villages?

Yes, the history of Mori point is indeed a diverse and interesting one. Watch the video above to get more information and feedback on the fabulous Mori Point. Much thanks to PCT Producer Eric Mayrand for providing us with the wonderful video on Mori Point. If you want to see more episodes of Eric's show, Pacifica Currents, you can catch the show live on PCT Channel 26/27 Comcast cable or watch on demand by typing in 'Pacifica Currents"  our PROGRAM GUIDE

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