PCT and youth programs.
Many will remember our feature film, Broken Hill from last year's Film Night screening and our successful support of the "The Partnership". Beyond that, PCT has commited to teens throughout the county and is currently reaching out to kids in Pescadero taking part in media projects through our friends at PMAC, Puente and the local schools.

(Alex Vega of Broken Hill)
Who doesn't know that Teen drinking is a problem? BUT, did you know that many adults actually allow it? That is why the Partnership and PCT put a PSA program together to educate adults that its not cool to encourage teen drinking.
This message was the focus of a PSA that PCT and students from "The Partnership" created. Now we want to see YOUR COOL TV SHOW or public service announcement (PSA). If you are a a member of the school district, an organization like scouts or some other youth focus, we want your participation. Call us and let's discuss the possibilities today!

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