Spotlight Episode 21 Featuring Cara Allen and Jason Brock!

New Spotlight Episode Featuring Cara Allen and Jason Brock!

Spotlight host, Kathy Holly brings us another exciting episode. This time Kathy features two amazing artists who have sparkling personalities as well as amazing vocals:

Ms Cara Allen is a long time jazz vocalist who has traveled the world, singing in various places from the local jazz clubs in San Francisco, to jazzy underground taverns in Paris, France. 

Kathy's second guest is Jason Brock who was recently on Simon Cowell's X-Factor! He tells Kathy what it was like to stand in front of a panel of judges on national television. Jason also shares with Kathy how he began his singing career and the events that led him to audition for X-Factor. 

Kathy shines a bright light on these two guests and also includes an audio spot where the two singers both show us what they got. Cara and Jason both brought their A game! 

This episode will premiere on Saturday, September 14th at 8:00pm. 

Catch it on our station, channel 26 in Pacifica or channel 27 on the Coastside.

or: via our live webstream:

* VOD not available until after the original premiere date

Spotlight airs regularly on our station every Saturday at 8pm, with new episodes airing every 2nd Saturday. 

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