Pct was a big winner at the 2018 WAVE awards.

Actually, to be more specific, Brianna Yee-Sandoval was the big winner. Truth is, the station has accumulated many WAVES over the years and really did not submit for many this year. Two we did submit for were for work done by Brianna on our COAST-LIFE show.

And guess what? Yes, she won both. Brianna is one of several up-and-coming talents to watch here at PCT. After a stellar internship in the spring of 2017 we actually hired Bri and now she serves as our primary Half Moon Bay staffer as well as recording meetings and working on our coast life show, bringing news and information about the coastside to coastal residents.

Congrats on your big wins Bri! Looking for more amazing things coming from her. If you wish to get involved, become a member. We'd love to see what you have to offer. 

650.355.8001. Contact us!

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