Kenny's Cafe 

Kenny's Cafe is located at 640 Crespi Dr in Pacifica, CA. This family style restaurant serves a wide range of Chinese as well as American food. As a long time Pacifica local favorite, Kenny's strives to serve the best Chinese food and to support the local community. Kenny's has been a proud supporter of Pacific Coast TV and are happy to support PCT in this auction. Bid to win this $25 gift certificate to enjoy a wonderful meal at Kenny's.



Half Moon Bay Joe's

Half Moon Bay Joe’s, now a landmark on the coast, carries on the tradition with it’s own, updated version of the original. What hasn’t changed is the emphasis on hearty portions of Italian and American foods at reasonable prices. No one goes home hungry at Half Moon Bay Joe’s. The hardy food tradition is updated at Half Moon Bay Joe's with the finest and freshest ingredients available. In addition, there are a number of new specialties, using coastside food products and fresh produce. Enjoy the new dishes, or savor old favorites, like a Joe’s Special, still a popular choice at Half Moon Bay Joe’s. Bid to win this $50 gift card to check out this coastside classic.



Sushi Main Street

Sushi is the best meal for hanging out with friends and having a good time.  Sushi Main Street has fantastic food with a great atmosphere to go with it. Located on 696 Mill St, they offer a variety of sushi and sea food, as well as other authentic Japanese sake and wine. Bid to win this $100 gift certificate to see for yourself how great coast side sushi can be.


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