Having a loving and supportive environment forms the foundation of a strong community. It was from these ideals, that the Big Wave project came into fruition. Steve and Jamie Barber and Jeff and Valerie Peck decided to accomplish two things: to provide a place in which individuals with developmental disabilities could reach their full potential and to provide local Coast side businesses with the commercial space to thrive and grow.

       The Big Wave Project has been tabled a few times over the years, due to disagreements over details in the plan. Like every proposal, there are pros and cons to the community it's enforced in. The San Mateo County Planning Commission discussed the future of this project on 1/14/15. Don’t worry if you missed it because we have you covered.  The whole meeting will be broadcasted here on Pacific Coast Television!

1/23/15 at 10 AM
2/3/15 at 7AM

Educate yourself and tune in.

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