Producing at PCT

Steps to Becoming a Producer at PCT

New Producers are required to take certain steps before producing their own programs. They are as follows:

1. Become a member of PCT- yearly fee of $20.

2. Get PCT Production experience. Two workshops in studio and two workshops in the control room. Workshops are $20 each. Once workshops are completed, crew on at least 4 studio productions in different crew positions. 

To view our workshop and production dates, check out our PRODUCTION CALENDAR.

Studio – Two of the following workshops:
Floor Manager
Control Room – Two of the following workshops
Audio Engineer
Character Generator (C.G.)
Video Tape Operator (VTO)

The workshops listed above are the minimum requirements for studio tapings. If you wish to use remote video equipment and video editing, please refer to the Workshops Info Packet. Pre-requisites and additional workshop fees apply.

3. Review and understand the Producer’s packet including the Program Policies and Producer’s Rules

4. Write a proposal and submit it to the Executive Director answering the questions from the form, “Questions to Address When Writing a Production Proposal”

5. Sign Producer’s Agreement and Indemnification form.

After the potential producer has completed the above requirements, the will get the approval from the Executive Director to go ahead with their own program. They cannot schedule studio time or remote equipment or editing time until these steps are completed. 


HMB/Coastside 27 Stream:

Pacifica 26 Stream:

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