World War II At Home with Naomi Patridge

The Half Moon Bay History Association is dedicated to recording all parts of local history, even the parts that might not want to be remembered. The History Association held an event remembering the Japanese Americans being sent to internment camps during World War II. This event included a 2015 PCT honoree Naomi Partridge, a Japanese American who was relocated to an internment camp in Topaz, Utah, along with other Japanese Americans living in the coast side towns, including Half Moon Bay and Pescadero.

Some of the experiences Partridge explained included going to the Tanforan racetrack for questioning, living through terrible conditions at the internment camps, due to the  government's lack of health and safety, and witnessing a little girl being murdered during the camp. Despite of the rough conditions in the camp, the Japanese Americans still had some form of government in each of their barracks to deal with issues, as well as having a high school and a nursery.

Overall, Partridge said no one during that time has ever suffered more than the Japanese Americans, who lost their jobs, homes, and identity. When asked if something like this would ever happen again, she thinks so based on that one can access the media anywhere, and the media is constantly propagating fear into people. Partridge said "The only way to prevent another race falling victim to the government, is to understand that fear is only a concept and must not take over one's mind".

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